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Our Story

Powering the energy transition through connection

Texture provides a comprehensive suite of data and communications tools for you to maximize the value of energy networks for you and your customers.

Our Mission

An open ecosystem that accelerates electrification

At Texture, we see a world where networked energy amplifies productivity and empowers new possibilities. We are realizing that vision with technology that connects energy ecosystems much like the internet connected computing.
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  • Energy

    From 1880 to 1930, we laid the groundwork for the grid

    The first power station, transmission lines and other inventions were marvels of their time.
  • Computing

    Mainframe computing began in the 1940s

    Mainframe computers were large and unwieldy. They gave us a glimpse of what was possible but with limited access and value.
  • By 1960, electricity would reach nearly every home

    Easier access led to innovation and demand. This period gave way to the life we all know today.
  • Over the next several decades, demand exploded

    As more computers were sold, we saw various types, all of which didn’t talk to each other.
  • In the 1970s, everything changed

    The energy crisis caused us to shift our focus from innovation to risk mitigation.
  • By the 1970s, we already wanted computers to communicate

    ARPANET introduced the ethernet and email to address the ongoing fragmentation of hardware and operating systems.
  • From then on, we invested heavily in distributed energy

    We’ve been on a decades long-journey of reducing the grid’s vulnerabilities through decentralization.  While addressing one problem, we created another — a fractured system of devices and companies.
  • The internet made distribution work

    The internet created interoperability, which unlocked collective value, leading to greater demand for computers.
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Texture is here to meet this pivotal moment

We built a solution to enable the distributed energy grid to operate more like the internet.


The core tenets of Texture

Our mission to accelerate the energy transition depends on maximizing value for our customers so we built Texture with a set of guiding principles to ensure we deliver.
  • Open

    Rapidly network your energy assets on a single platform.
  • Interactive

    Access your network any way you want and send data anywhere.
  • Responsive

    Orchestrate your network to react instantly to instructions or external signals.
  • Standardized

    Leverage a normalized data model and industry-leading security and privacy practice.
  • Intelligible

    Analyze all of your data across time with powerful tools.
  • Interoperable

    Build products and services that interact with the grid.