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Unlock energy product development at scale

With Texture, you can create a digital equivalent of your energy network to drive revenue, cost savings and product innovation.


Knowledge that empowers action

We take the real-world constructs of the energy grid and model it for you to have increased visibility, faster insights and optimized performance across your network.
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Texture Benefits

Change the economics of product development in the energy sector

  • Accelerate go-to-market

    Texture streamlines data collection, standardization and usability to simplify tech operations, making go-to-market faster and more reliable.
  • Lower operating costs

    Engage your data to optimize performance, identify anomolies and perform network maintenance, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.
  • Optimize resources

    We take care of non-core engineering tasks allowing you to reallocate your engineering resources towards areas that drive revenue.
  • Reduce technical risk

    Reliable and secure connections, that you don't have to maintain, keep your team up-to-speed and mitigate technical risks.
  • Improve decision-making

    Live monitoring data, analytics and forecasting let you optimize your energy ecosystem in real-time

Our Value Proposition

Data infrastructure for energy networks

A single source of truth to make your data accessible and usable
Layered diagram
Layered diagram
Application panes
Application panes


A complete picture of your energy network

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    Connect existing, custom and new data sources
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    Standardize data and leverage relationships between sources, devices and markets
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    A digital equivalent of all the elements of your energy network including devices, markets and third-party signals


Understand and evaluate your network to make better decisions

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    Real-time monitoring of devices, alongside supplemental data such as tariffs, forecasts and emissions
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    Sort, filter and aggregate data in the ways taht are most useful to you
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    Identify and resolve anomalies across your network
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Application panes
Application panes
Application panes


Reliable, secure streaming to your internal and external applications

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    Multiple destination endpoints including your own warehouse
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    Configurable event routing to streamline data pushes
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    A focus on reliability through a feedback loop for status and errors


Monetize your network or save on energy costs through direct control

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    A normalized command structure to reduce the impact of variety across device types and manufacturers
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    Configurable rules to enable automation
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    Batch control to improve responsiveness and ease of operations
Application panes
Application panes

Platform plans for every network size

  • Starter

    Get started building your energy network
  • Liftoff

    Grow and manage your energy network
    100kW - 2.5MW
  • Growth

    Scale and optimize your energy network
    2.5MW - 7.5MW
  • Scale

    Customize your energy network
    Over 7.5MW

You don't need to do everything

Texture can help you focus on what you do uniquely well.