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A network of up to 100kW, free.

Simple pricing that makes it easy to get started and scales with your business.
No credit card required.

Platform plans for every network size

  • Starter

    Get started building your energy network
  • Liftoff

    Grow and manage your energy network
    100kW - 2.5MW
  • Growth

    Scale and optimize your energy network
    2.5MW - 7.5MW
  • Scale

    Customize your energy network
    Over 7.5MW


Everything’s included


Hundreds of device integrations across EVs, batteries, HVAC systems, chargers, solar inverters, and more. Check out the full list.

Custom data sources

Migrate existing data, stream in data from devices not natively supported, or connect new data sources to create a single source of truth

Data storage

Retain your energy data analytics, forecasting, ML modeling and compliance reporting.


Authorize customer devices, connect via installer credentials, or migrate your existing access patterns to us.

Data streaming

Get data pushed to you in real-time and send it anywhere you need it, no polling required.

Device control

Change charging states, set temperatures, and modify device schedules individually and in batches using rules w/ a single endpoint.


Evaluate performance, perform aggregations and transformations, or identify anomalies.

Search & filtering

Natural language and faceted search to isolate device types, locations, sites, customers, and more.


View your energy network including analytics and insights via our best-in-class dashboard.

Unlimited users

We don’t charge per seat so everyone on your team can join in.


We adhere to the most stringent industry standards for security so you can always rest assured that your data is safe.


We take the myriad data and control formats to provide a single way to read data or control a device regardless of the manufacturer.

Custom Enterprise Plans

Operating a large energy network? Reach out to talk to our sales team about our scaled offerings
  • SLAs
  • SSO
  • Invoice-based billing
  • Volume discounts
  • Custom permissions
  • Dedicated solutions engineer


We’re with you every step of the way

All plans

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    Docs and examples
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    Email support
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    Chat support


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    Video calls with team
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    Private Slack channel
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    Onboarding support


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    Dedicated technical support
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    Dedicated account manager
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    Email and chat SLAs

Capacity calculation

We take a standardized approach to estimating network size.

Not all devices are equal.  A pricing model that allows you to maximize the value of your investment in Texture.
  • Small

    Normalized grid capacity: 1 KW

    Example Devices:

    Solar inverters
  • Medium

    Normalized grid capacity: 2 KW

    Example Devices:

    Level 1 chargers
    Heat pumps
    Water heaters
  • Large

    Normalized grid capacity: 3 KW

    Example Devices:

    Level 2 chargers
    Electric vehicles
  • Extra large

    Normalized grid capacity: 20 KW

    Example Devices:

    Level 3 chargers