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The data infrastructure for your energy network

Texture aggregates data from devices, markets and other signals, so you can deliver exceptional products and services, at a fraction of the time and cost of today

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Store, share, and enhance energy data. All in one place

A unified view of all your data, devices, and customers to unlock opportunities, optimize performance and enable dialogue with partners
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Our Technology

A partner that accelerates your data operations

Texture takes care of the messy middle - so you can focus your resources where they create value
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end-to-end network management

Core capabilities that put you in control

We provide the foundations you need to understand and maximize the value of your energy network, regardless of your use case.
  • Unify

    Centralize, standardize and synthesize data from devices, internal systems, third-party data sources and energy markets.
  • Monitor

    Understand your network, better than ever. Centralized monitoring for you to find anomalies and optimize device performance.
  • Stream

    Send data anywhere, anytime. Sync your data with internal & customer-facing applications, or share to create dialogue with other grid participants.
  • Command

    Orchestrate your desired outcomes. Control devices individually or in batches using your own rules.
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Application panes

Drive results

Build fast, innovate faster

Our platform is designed to give you the fastest path to building products that drive user value and profitability.
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    Accelerate go-to-market
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    Lower operating costs
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    Free up resources for more impactful work
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    Reduce technical risk
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    Improve decision making


Bring device, meter, tariff, and emissions data together

Texture can sync with your existing data sources, or provide pre-built integrations to hundreds of devices across EVs, chargers, batteries, thermostats, heat pumps and more.
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A developer-oriented architecture your engineers will love

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    RESTĀ APISs and SDKs for React, JavaScript, and React Native with more on the way.
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    Create unlimited workspaces to ensure a clean separation between sandbox environments and production
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    Excellent developer documentation with platform concepts, interactivity via Swagger, and details on all data models
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    Real-time updates from devices and other energy data sources via webhooks with more formats coming soon
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Application panes

You don't need to do everything

Texture can help you focus on what you do uniquely well